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     Satellite Hardware

The straight goods on hardware

Hardware is the physical equipment that delivers your programming. We divide it into two categories: What’s outside the home, and what’s inside.

Outside, we install either a 60 cm or a 75 elliptical dish, depending on where you live in Canada. The dish is attached to the side of your home with specially designed brackets.

Our professional installers will find the best location to get optimum exposure to our two satellites for the best signal reception.

Collecting signals

Once the dish is up, you don’t have to worry about it. It’s covered by our Simple Satellite lifetime maintenance warranty.

After the dish collects the signals, the Low Noise Block Feed or LNBF, the neck piece that sticks up from your dish, does its part. First, it changes the frequency into one that works with the receiver. Then, it amplifies the signal to ensure quality pictures and sound.

It also breaks the signal into four streams, so it can work with up to four receivers. If you have more than four TVs, we can use a separate digital multiswitch in the house to get the signal to every receiver.

Receiver and remote

Inside, there are two parts. There’s the receiver and the remote control.

The receiver is the guts of your system. It decodes the satellite signal into something your television can understand.

Which receiver you choose depends on what kind of television experience you want. All receivers come with Instant Pay Per View, the onscreen program guide and a 4-in-1 universal remote control.

Home theatre experience

The Navigo 405 receiver is designed for those who want the ultimate home theatre experience. It gives you access to Dolby Digital 5.1, the best-quality Dolby sound available on the market.

You need a home theatre stereo system, with five speakers and a sub-woofer, to appreciate the quality.

The 405 is also HDTV ready. You can buy a HDTV decoder to work with your HDTV television. This means you can access over 100 hours a week of high definition programming.

It has a larger, wider screen with more information per square inch. That gives you a picture nine times clearer than an ordinary television.

Just the basics

The entry-level system, the Navigo 305, is designed for those who simply want more choice of programs on their TV set.

If you have an ordinary TV and a two-speaker stereo system, this is the best value. The 305 provides an excellent picture and can support Dolby Surround Sound. It’s a no-frills way to get satellite and Instant Pay Per View programming.

Both receivers come with a universal 4-in-1 remote control, which can be programmed to work your Star Choice receiver, TV, VCR plus an auxiliary item like a DVD.

Our warranty gives you piece of mind. Every receiver comes with a one-year warranty on parts and labour. But if you have two receivers, you get a lifetime warranty on both.

More than one TV?

If you want to watch different programming on your TV sets, you’ll need to have a receiver for each set.

Star Choice makes it easy to add receivers. Once you buy an extra receiver online or at a retailer, a professional will install it for a fee.

If you have two or more receivers, you’ll be charged a $4.99 multi-receiver fee each month. But that fee is waived if you subscribe to certain programming packages. As a bonus, all your receivers will be covered with a lifetime warranty.

One receiver, two TVs

You can pay to have your receiver hooked up to two television sets. This lets you watch the same program on two TVs, or turn off one TV and watch the other.

Purchase the Navigo 405 receiver and you can upgrade to an Ultra High Frequency remote.

This allows you to change channels on the receiver using the remote from another room. You can watch a movie in the family room and then take the remote and head to bed, where you can surf through the late-night news programs.