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     How Satellite TV Works


Home satellite technology brings programming choice directly to your home.

Here’s how it works.

Star Choice has a number of transmitters across the country. Old-fashioned cables or high tech satellite dishes at these sites collect signals from TV stations across North America. We compress all the signals into a digital feed, then transmit it to our two satellites.

The satellites, Anik F1 and Anik E2 are in a stationary orbit 23,000 miles above the earth. Anik F1, which is newer and larger, carries the bulk of the English-language programming. Anik E2 carries mostly French and ethnic programming. Once the satellites receive the signal, it is switched to a different frequency and sent back to earth.

That signal is picked up by the satellite dish on your house or apartment and sent to your TV. All you do is turn your TV on.

Quality pictures and sound

Why digital? Digital technology compresses the signal. We can send more information without slowing things down. The result? You get a cleaner, clearer picture with the best-quality sound.

The dish catches the signal. The “eye” at the end of the arm absorbs the signal and does two things to it. First, the signal frequency is changed to work with your receiver. Then, the signal is amplified. It needs a boost after its long journey.

A cable takes the signal from your roof or balcony to a receiver inside. It’s an electronic box about the size of a VCR. The receiver unscrambles the signal and sends it to your TV set. It’s the link between the digital signal and your old analog TV set.

It all happens faster than you can switch channels. You see the latest movies, sports and news with crystal-clear pictures and vibrant sound.

Hooking it all in

Our Navigo 305 and 405 receivers, made by Motorola, become the hub of your entertainment system. They can send programming information to your stereo, VCR and television.

How you hook up your system depends on what kind of equipment you have. Your Star Choice receiver gives you a choice. It’s built to send information to your TV three different ways, by S-Video, RCA or co-ax cables. S-Video, the newest technology, means a crisper, clearer picture than with older RCA cable technology or co-ax cable.

Your Star Choice receiver decodes one channel at a time. You can easily tape programs while you are out. But, you can’t watch one channel and tape another with your VCR.

Multiple TVs

The ideal way to set up your house it is get a receiver for every TV in your home. You can get the home-theatre quality 405 receiver for your serious TV viewing. The entry-level 305 receiver is great in the kitchen or bedroom.

You can buy additional receivers at a retailer, online in the Store and by phone from a friendly customer service representative at 1 888 554-STAR.

We charge a $4.99 per month multi-receiver fee if you have two or more receivers. One fee covers every receiver. But, if you subscribe to certain English, French or Bilingual packages, the multi-receiver fee is waived.

Even in apartments

Many Canadians live in apartments and condos. You can get Star Choice in these buildings and enjoy great programming.

There are buildings across Canada already hooked up for Star Choice. They have a dish on the roof with wires taking the programming to each suite. Put your address into our building directory to see if your building is there.

If not, you can learn about getting apartment access by contacting us.

If you receive permission from your landlord, and you have south exposure, you may be able to have a dish installed on your balcony. Or, with permission, we can install a dish on the building’s roof.

Call or contact us about apartments or condos
Businesses too!

When you’re lying in a dentist chair with your jaw wedged open, it’s nice to have choice. Of TV programs, that is.

That’s why many offices and businesses have hooked up with Star Choice. It gives your customers, patients and clients interesting TV to watch in waiting rooms or boardrooms.

It also gives you access to 50 digital music channels. They play great commercial-free music 24 hours a day. Imagine real music, like jazz, classics or rock, in the elevator, not elevator music.

Call or contact us about installing Star Choice at your business