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Internet Service via Satellite (are you ready?)


Finally we have a choice for high-speed Internet service (available to 98% of all Canadians), by using satellite equipment.  LinCsat is Canada’s Premium High Speed Internet Service via satellite that can go where DSL or cable internet can’t reach.  No need to be a cable TV subscriber or have access to special phone services, LinCsat is the first 2-way “always on” connection available.  It’s simply a faster and better way to experience High Speed Internet.  LinCsat is a new Canadian DIRECWAY service powered by the Hughes Network Systems distributing broadband across North America and is targeting primarily small office/home office (SOHO) and Teleworker who can’t receive High Speed Broadband Internet any other way. 


LinCsat equipment consists of a 74 cm fiberglass dish, mounting arm support, outdoor unit/ODU (transmitter, radio, LNB, feed), indoor unit/IDU (receiver modem, transmit modem and LinCsat operating software).  All products are warranted against manufacturer defect for one year provided they are installed and serviced by only certified LinCsat Site Technicians.  Because LinCsat equipment is transmitting a signal (a low, 1 watt power level), certain install restrictions must be met according to the CRTC.  Normal upload speeds range around 128 Kbps but download speeds are near 400 Kbps and can reach 1000 Kbps using a higher service level.  That’s nearly 35 times faster than a standard 28.8 dial-up modem.  Networking additional PC’s in your home or office is available but they will run at a lower speed.


LinCsat requires some minimum standards in order to operate.  The processor must be a 333 Mhz Pentium II class or better with U.S.B. port 1.1.  You need either Windows 98SE, ME or 2000 for operating.


Internet Explorer 5.0 or Netscape Navigator 4.76 is needed for a browser.  Memory must have 64 MB Ram (for Windows 98SE and ME), 128 MB Ram (Windows 2000) and 20 MB of free hard drive space.  PCI or AGP video adapter, 800x600 is needed for display and a 56 Kbps modem is necessary for commissioning (activating) the hardware.


LinCsat services are maintained by an Action Centre reached by phone or fax.  Services will be 7X24 by the end of March 2002 and are located in Toronto.


LinCsat systems start at $1699.00 for a residential account.  This includes installation and setup of the dish, cabling, transmitter and receiver modems and loading of the Webmaster software.  Additional costs may arise if certain areas of the computer need to be upgraded.  The monthly service charge for the “always on” connection is $129.95.  This may sound like a lot today, but not too many years ago a cellphone sold for over $2000.00 and wasn’t even portable.  Large satellite dishes used to sell for $3000-4000.00.  With our current satellite services from Starchoice and Expressvu still 2-3 years away from having a full-time affordable 2-way internet service, this is not a bad offer.  Don’s Antenna & Satellite Service is committed to offering the latest technology in satellite services both U.S. and Canadian.


There is the right system out there for everyone, whether it’s a 4-way Quad elliptical dish from Starchoice, or a PVR (personal Video Recorder) satellite receiver from Expressvu or Directv dishes from the U.S.  Call us now and learn it first before you buy.