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Starchoice has more than 50 Pay Per View channels to bring you Hollywood hits and events around the clock with just the click of your remote. Now you can relax at home instead of driving to the video store to return a movie!

Simple Satellite
rotor We have a huge inventory of new and refurbished rotors, antennas and towers, all at the very best prices!  Contact us now to see how to receive the best broadcast reception possible!

You need the right equipment to receive satellite programming. Call us now for a professional installation!

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Ready for HDTV? You'll need the right kind of receiver to get it!

Navigo 305 Entry Level System

Navigo 305 System With the Entry Level Star Choice Navigo 305 System, you get everything you need to watch Satellite TV!  Click for our latest prices!

Navigo 405 Home Theatre System

Navigo 405 System The Star Choice Navigo 405 System features a digital satellite receiver that's perfect for your home theatre!  Click for our latest prices!

Motorola DSR500 HDTV System

Motorola DSR-500 System The Motorola DSR500 HDTV Receiver offers the best possible sound and picture quality!  Click for our latest prices!

Home satellite technology brings programming choice directly to your home.  Here’s how it works.